Stove Repair in Plano, TX

Stove Repair Plano TX

How to Handle Stove Issues

Eating out on a regular basis is not only impractical on the pocket but also quite unhealthy. Home-cooking is still the best option. With today's modern kitchen appliances, cooking for the entire family is easier and made even more convenient. Your stove top, range or oven significantly help in bringing your family together for a hearty home-cooked meal, and thus you should make it a point to immediately consult the experts when they start malfunctioning. Here are some important points covering the issue of stove repair.

Repair versus Replacement

Basically, before you call the professionals for repair, you should first consider the following aspects of your stove:

  • Age. If your stove has practically exceeded its average life span, a replacement may be more practical and convenient than repair. However, fancy appliances and antiques are exceptions to the rule.
  • Warranty. Check your warranty card to see if your stove is still under the warranty period. If so, repair service may be free of charge or demand a significantly lower rate.
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  • Price. The general rule of thumb is that if the cost of stove repair amounts to over half the price of a brand new stove, replacement is recommended.

Your stove, or other appliances, should be repaired only if it is still under the warranty period, is an irreplaceable antique, or has relatively minor issues and repair costs not exceeding half the price of a brand new unit.

Replacement should be considered if the unit no longer has a warranty, is technically obsolete, or the extent of repair costs more than half its original price.

Typical Stove Problems

Below are some of the most conventional problems you may encounter with your stove, and their corresponding possible reasons and/or solutions:

  • If the burner fails to function, try swapping it with an alternative burner to see if the problem lies in the burner itself, the switch or the receptacle.
  • If the burner is exceedingly hot no matter how much you adjust the setting, or if the indicator light remains on, it may be because of a faulty switch.
  • If the oven door is jammed and cannot be opened, or if the self-cleaning function is not working, the problem may either be due to a misalignment in the self-clean latch switch or a faulty function selector or clock.
  • If the broiler or oven does not work, your bake valve or igniter may need replacement of parts.
  • If the oven displays inaccurate temperature readings, it may have issues in the igniter, the selector switch, or the temperature sensor.
The common problems above can easily be solved with the help of expert service professionals. If you have the fundamental knowledge and experience on repairing your stove on your own, then you will be able to save some money. On the other hand, if you have zero know-how and capability to accomplish such things, it is recommended that you steer clear of any DIY attempts, since repairing an electric stove is not only slightly complex but also hazardous. If you are totally unfamiliar with this task, resorting to the experts is your safest and surest bet.

Stove Repair Plano TX

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