Refrigerator Repair in Plano, TX

Refrigerator Repair Plano TX

All About Refrigerator Repair
A refrigerator has long been a kitchen staple. Majority of households in the world rely on this indispensable kitchen appliance on a daily basis. Not only is it essential for preserving and extending our food's shelf life, it is also a most convenient way in helping us cool down by providing us with chilled and frozen refreshments, especially come summer time. However, all things have limitations and let-downs and you will, sooner or later, experience problems with your fridge. Below are some helpful tips on how you can handle refrigerator breakdowns.

Common Fridge Problems:

    1. Failure to Cool. This may be caused by the hindered flow of electricity. Check the bulb. If it fails to turn on when the refrigerator door is opened, check to see if the fridge has been unplugged by pets or children. If it is plugged yet does not work, check the breaker panel. If there is no problem there, then it's probably high time for you to contact the experts.

    2. Weird Noises. This may be caused by the evaporator fan motor within the freezer, the compressor, or the condenser fan motor. The last two are both located underneath the refrigerator. Locate to see where the noise is coming from. For vibrating noises, check to see if either the condenser coils or the compressor tubing are loosened. It may also be simply due to uneven positioning of the fridge's feet or rollers on the floor.

    3. Leaking. This may be because of a fault in the system that deals with condensation and melted ice.

    4. Failure to Make Ice. If the ice cubes your freezer makes are significantly smaller than usual, or ice is impossible to form altogether, the water supply may be blocked, either partly or totally.

    5. Being too cold or not cold enough. Generally, a fridge maintains a temperature between 36 and 40 degrees F and a freezer should be somewhere between 0 and 5 degrees F. If the fridge compartment starts freezing its contents although you have already set it to low or does not cool enough, it might be because of a faulty thermo sensor or control.

When to Seek Professional Help
If you can manage to DIY certain minor refrigerator repair issues- such as weird noises, a damaged door seal, or a busted light bulb- that would be great! You will definitely be saving money. On the other hand, in more severe and complex issues- such as build-up of frost, leaking, or if the fridge stops functioning altogether, it is highly recommended that you seek professional assistance ASAP.

What to Look for in Service Professionals
Your refrigerator is quite a pricey appliance. To protect your investment, you should hire only the best refrigerator repair expert. Make sure that the refrigeration mechanic is duly certified and licensed. It would also be wise to ask references from close acquaintances. Moreover, it would be much safer if you choose an appliance repair company that has a working website, a phoneline and an actual office that you can go to. In addition, steer clear of fraudulent websites that offer unreasonably cheap rates and has no actual office.

Refrigerator Repair Plano TX

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