Washer Repair Plano TX

Washer Repair Plano TX

Caring for Your Washers

Machines were invented to make our lives easier. Washers, like other machines, are meant to make the task of washing your family’s clothes much less hassle-free. Unfortunately, there is no machine—not even a washer—that has been guaranteed a life as long as ours.

When bringing your washer to a repair shop, you might begin to wonder why it broke down in the first place. Here are some of the things that cause appliances like the washer to need a trip to the repair shop:

    1. Overloading. There is no quicker way to make your washer give up than overloading the drum. Sure, we wanted to make our laundry day much shorter than it already is but overloading your washing machine can lead to more troubles than comfort in the long run. Aside from putting too much clothing in the drum, washers also break down easily when the user puts in a too heavy of a load or an imbalanced load.

    2. Wrong Choice of Spin Speeds. Manuals were included in every appliance for a reason and that is so the user can use the machine properly. Unfortunately, not many of us are fond of reading—let alone reading a boring step-by-step manual that states common sense instructions. However, you may be surprised to know that reading manuals can actually help make your washers last longer. Why? Because manuals indicate the proper spin speed for every situation. While a washer was built to spin your clothes, there are circumstances that need utter understanding of the right speed and weight combination when it comes to your machine.

    3. Wrong Water Level and Detergent. Like spin speeds, detergents used and the level of water in the washer should match the weight and amount of clothing you are planning to wash. Putting too low water might result in a quicker wear on your washer’s motor component. Using non- high efficiency (HE) detergents with front loaders can also lead to suds that leave residue inside the washing machine.

    4. Not Checking for Coins and Other Small Objects in Your Clothing. Many cases of broken down washers are caused by a wide array of things found inside the motor of the machine. Among the most common of them are coins but Engineer Kenneth Watt of “Which? Conversation” said there are plenty more unusual objects that they often see in a broke down machine like screws, nails, bank cards, syringes, needles as well as other items. The lesson? Check and clear all pockets of small items to prevent your washers from needing a trip to the repair shop.

    5. Not Cleaning Regularly. While one may wash the drum of your washer after finishing the laundry, people often forget to remove filth from the other parts of the machine. Build ups in the dispensers and gaskets can occur if they are not thoroughly cleaned at least once a month.

    6. Not Checking for Cracks or Corrosion. Most washers have parts that tend to wear over time. Among these is the hose. Usually made of rubber, hoses have a tendency to rot and burst if not replaced in time.


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