Dryer Repair Plano TX

Dryer Repair Plano TX

First-Aid Repair for Dryers
Like washers, dryers can be a great help in improving our life in the laundry room. It is especially useful in seasons when the sun does not shine and emit heat as much as it does in Summer or Spring. But, like washers, dryers might require a trip to the repair shop once it begins to break down.

Mistakes That Cause Dryers to Break Down
Proper maintenance and use is the key to keeping your appliances working smoothly and soundly. To avoid a too-early trip to the repair shop, you must avoid the following:

  • Ignoring the lint catcher after finishing a load. Lint usually builds up in the vent of the dryer and removing it after a load can help prevent your machine from breaking.
  • Not rinsing the filter. This is particularly applicable to instances when you use your dryer on big pieces of textile such as bed sheets. Rinsing the filter can also help prevent build-up of residue that often causes your machine to break down.
  • Ignoring a slow dryer. When your dryer does not perform as well as it used to, there may be something wrong with it. This is why it is important to have your repair man check it once you notice a change in its performance. You can also learn the basics of diagnosing a dryer so you can save money.
Common Signs That Your Dryer is Broken
The sure fire sign that a machine is broken is when it does not perform as well as it used to. For dryers, it is important that the following symptoms are checked to determine the need for a call to your professional appliance repair man:

Noisy If a dryer makes more noise than its usual hum, it may mean that you should check for loose gears or bearings. It is important that you check the belts as well because the noise may be a result of worn belts.

Won’t Start A machine that does not start after you switch it on is most probably one that has broken down. For dryers, make sure that all of the key components like the heating element, the high limit thermostat and the cycling thermostat are all working fine.

Not Enough Heat Heat dryers that don’t get past the tolerable warm may need a maintenance check-up. Make sure to check that all heating elements are working.

Does Not Tumble Dryers tumble the clothes so they get dry. Once the tumbling or turning motion does not begin, you should check for worn down parts that need replacing, particularly the belt.

Won’t Shut Off Some dryer users report that their machines do not shut off even when the timer has gone off. Make sure to check for issues in parts like the door, switches and timers when this happens.

Too Hot When a dryer is too hot, there may be something wrong with the thermostat or the dryer’s fuses. Make sure these parts are not worn or defective.

Timer Doesn’t Advance When your dryer’s timer stops advancing or does not advance at all, check for errors in the cycling thermostat or timer motors.


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