Disposal Repair in Frisco, TX

Disposal Repair in Frisco, TX

Reliable and Affordable Disposal Repair in Frisco, TX

A garbage disposal is a machine designed to grind solid waste such as food particles, etc. and force it out the drain. Its simple design makes it a sturdy kitchen appliance which can run unnoticed for many years. But during the course of its service life it can get clogged or jammed and your own life can become so annoying that calling a reliable and affordable disposal repair in Frisco, TX seems to be the best option. When a repairman is at your house fixing your garbage disposal, it is best that you also understand what he is doing. Below are things you might want to know.

Understanding the machine
If the garbage disposal doesn’t work, meaning its motor is not running at all as no humming sound can be heard when the switch is turned on, it could be that the motor is deprived of electricity. This machine is equipped with a built-in breaker that automatically cuts off power to protect the motor when the unit overloads. If this is the case, the disposal repairman looks for and presses the reset button (color red) at the underside of the disposal. If this doesn’t work, he will have to check if there is power in the electrical outlet by unplugging the disposal cord and plugging in another working appliance such as an electric razor. The house circuit breaker panel will also be checked to ensure that the line going to the disposal is on by pushing it all the way off then on, if the razor does not work too.

Fixing the machine
When your disposal needs disposal repair in Frisco, TX, it is obvious that the unit is clogged or jammed when the motor hums. When it has these issues, running it is not recommended as it will burn out the motor. The disposal needs to be unplugged.

The next thing the repairman will do is to insert a ¼ inch hex wrench to a similarly shaped hole on the underside of the disposal and free the impeller. This can be done electrically if a reversing switch is available. If for one reason this step is not possible, he will have to plunge a broom stick handle into the sink hole of the disposal snagging one of the blades to rotate the impeller back and forth.

If a relatively bulky debris such as bones or hard foreign matter or fibrous fruit peels get stuck in the disposal, he will have to use pliers to take them out.

In some cases, it is necessary to remove the disposal to get rid of the jam. Once dismantled, the repairman might discover that some parts are worn out and have to be replaced. This is why a professional disposal repair in Frisco, TX should be hired in times of these issues. He can readily assist you in finding and installing the required parts. In other instances especially when your unit had already put in the years and excess operating mileage, purchasing a new machine is the best way to make life in the kitchen bearable again.

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