Washer Repair Frisco

Washer Repair Frisco

How to Know if You Need a Washer Repair in Frisco

At Victory Appliances Repair & Sales, we can fulfill all of your appliance repair needs under one roof. But our professionals want to answer some common questions we get regarding washing machines and washer repair services in Frisco. As a home owner or property manager, you might be wondering what warrants washer repair in Frisco and what can be fixed at home.

The expert repairmen at Victory Appliances Repair & Sales want to share with you home owners and property managers alike some valuable insight that we’ve learned over the years that we’ve been serving Frisco, TX. First we’ll talk about two common problems we often come across while servicing washer repair in Frisco, TX. Here they are:

Trouble with Motors
Every washer has an electric motor that provides power and drives the large basin that clothes are washed in, sometimes by direct transmission and sometimes through the use of a belt. Often after years of regular use, these rubber belts are prone to cracking and breaking, stretching and slipping, or snapping completely through. Another factor that causes belt problem is when the washer is used incorrectly by exceeding weight load maximums. Not following the manufacturer’s user instructions can lead to early breakage of the belt but the belt can break down naturally as well over time. If you experience this issue, it’s important to have the washer repaired right away. Not doing so can cause further damage by causing stress to the other components of the washer. If you do encounter motor troubles, call us right away to schedule a washer repair in Frisco service.

Problems with Water Management
Washers have a variety of basic components that help them to run properly. Among these are the components that manage how much water gets into and out of washer. This component, an inlet valve, let’s hot and cold water into and out of your washing machine based on the settings that you provided it with on the setting dials. A common problem is when the user turns the washer on and water does not flow into the machine. You may be facing a water supply issue, an electromechanical issue, or an electrical issue. If your home water supply is not compromised and all of your hoses and connections are in order, then it could be electrical or electromechanical. Often, the problem lies with the switch not being triggered by the dial. If you are unsure of what is going on, it’s best to have a professional check it out for you. We’ll know how to diagnose the problem quickly and get your washer back in use in no time at all.

Always Call Victory Appliances Repair & Sales in Frisco, TX
Whether you are having motor troubles or issues with water management, or you’re just plain unsure, give us a call and schedule an appointment for your washer repair today. Our team of professionals will diagnose your washer issue and work diligently to get it restored so that you don’t have to go without. Remember, always choose Victory Appliances Repair & Sales for all your washer repair in Frisco needs.

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